210 Toorak Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141
210 Toorak Road South Yarra Victoria 3141 AU

The Coinworks team works hand-in-hand with clients advising them how to get the best value out of the market, while at the same time satisfying their prime reasons for purchase. Those reasons may be hard-nosed ones, based on an investment strategy, or purely emotional ones.

The great thing about the rare coin and banknote industry is that it can offer both.

Coinworks has worked with leading Australian companies and organisations in our quest to promote and support the industry. Our most recent foray was in 2019 in a joint partnership with the Royal Australian Mint Canberra to stage an Exhibition that honoured the nation’s first coins, the Holey Dollar and Dump, the “All That Is Holey” Exhibition. We have also collaborated with the Macquarie Group in 2013 and the ANZ Bank in 2007 to stage major numismatic exhibitions.